Monday, January 16, 2012

an open letter to craigslist posters

Dear Craigslist Posters,

I have been using Craigslist as a resource while searching for an apartment this month and I have a few gripes against you, the posters. Please read the following and apply them to your future posts to make Craigslist a more friendly and less irritating marketplace.

1) Don't lie to increase views (specifically about location). Do not say you are in central Denver if you are in Englewood. Do not say you are in a trendy part of town when you are in the ghetto. This is simply irritating and makes me want to look at your apartment even less. Bad exposure is not helping you. Don't even get me started on the people that don't even include an address/part of town! I got an email from a woman today saying they rented the unit, but have several other units in the same area of town opening up... This after I have asked twice what part of town that might be. CHEESE AND RICE WOMAN!

2) Don't overpost. Every other link I click on is for one apartment complex. You simply make me angry. I will never live in one of your units because you are so freaking annoying before I have even met you!

3) Provide all information. If you require a non-refundable application filled out before you even show the property... SAY SO! If you would prefer a tenant without a pet... SAY SO (don't broadcast that pets are allowed)! Provide all information regarding hidden costs, utilities included, ammenities, community, etc. By providing this information later and having me rule it out after several rounds of communication rather than initially, you are wasting both your time and mine. And in the apartment search, time is money (and missing out on someplace else to live).

4) Check your responses. I should not have to email you more than once for information/to set up a showing. If you really want to rent the unit, you will pay attention to those who express interest.

5) If you rent the unit, TAKE DOWN YOUR POST. I am sick of you acting all irritated that I'm contacting you about a unit you already rented. Get your s#*t together!

6) Leave out the catch phrases. Your title should describe the apartment/location/utilities included/etc. not "We're not monkey'n around with these prices." WTF PEOPLE!

We are all trying to do the same thing here... fill an apartment. Shouldn't we all operate on the same wavelength? Please apply in the future and stop being so effin annoying with your posting.


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