Monday, August 22, 2011

Inner Child

This is my first ever blog experience... testing, testing, anyone out there???

I woke up this morning on top of the world. After two cups of coffee I left for work, dare I say it, with a little pep in my step. I recently landed a job in my field... a miracle (especially considering my field is museum studies/art history)! Even better, they're letting me start off at just 3 days a week while I finish my master's thesis. I thought everything in my life was coming together...


By day i'm a hardworker, by night I remain the same ginger ninja I've always been. My friend Jamie always tells me there's a small child stuck inside of me trying to get out, and I guess she's right. No amount of responsibility, coming of age lessons, or tedious adult tasks seem to pull me out of my own world. I still chase bubbles, ooh at fireworks, want to play with glow sticks at concerts and then get bored with them quickly, and revel in staying up late.

This weekend my childish side came out full force. They recently opened up a bar in Denver called 1Up. It is filled with old arcade games and multiple tables with lifesize Jenga set up. My friend Sarah suggested that we go there with our friend Alice, a new mother, so we could all live out our childhood desires. The night started out innocently enough... some drinks while watching other people play with all the fun games, but as the night continued we moved closer and closer to the Jenga playing area... and then, JENGA!!!!!!!!! My inner child took over and I started pushing over people's games. I know, I know, I know... I just couldn't help myself! This one guy got really mad at me and despite my inappropriate behavior I decided at that moment that I never wanted to take myself as seriously as that guy... I can reconcile my inner child with my adult self and I can make this work. Life is my oyster and I am going to travel through it with a smile on my face and childish urges in my heart. I'm going to keep the pep in my step!


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